About Us

We Calcutta Medical and our mother company are one of India’s most prestigious and reputed company dealing with the medical and engineering equipments and machineries. It began with a small team, and after 20 years of rigorous hard work and tremendous sweat, the company has risen above all and has set the standards high in the market.

It is with several years of experience and utmost precision that we strive to do better in our field of work. Although our mother company engaged in the field of engineering machineries has now achieved a height, being one step ahead of all, the company intends to perform with the same passion and accuracy to challenge the raised bar of expectations and emerge to be best of the business.


Our job is to manufacture a wide variety of machineries and equipments required in (colleges/hospitals etc), and supply and service at your doorstep. We also supply to wholesalers and distributors (all over the world/within the country) for sale in local markets.


We have always looked forward to fulfilling each job with perfection. So will Calcutta Medical. It is our motto to deliver with precision. We go by three things- innovative approach, friendly personalized services, un-deviated accuracy- which helps us provide with the best quality products at affordable prices. We go beyond the said norms and levels to consistently maintain the quality of products.

When it comes to quality, the company never compromises. It is our primary motive to responsibly deliver and never look back. Constantly pushing the boundaries to exceed the stated quality norms, we boast of the most modern manufacturing units, with state-of-the-art facilities. 

Apart from quality, we focus on prompt delivery services and buyer-friendly policies, devised by a team of most experienced technology and business professionals.

Being a 20-year old firm, this experience will only accentuate our performance in future projects.


We are located at RAA-36, SREE TOWER- II, Block- C, FLT-C, FLR-3, Raghunathpur, V.I.P., Kolkata - 700 059, West Bengal, India.